Reeves’ gray-haired beloved has been slammed for her unusual appearance

Grey-haired actor Reeves’ beloved wife has been slammed for her look

The iconic actor K. Reeves is sometimes ironically called “the saddest man in the Hollywood film industry” since, according to network users, he has not been noticed accompanied by young charming girls for a relatively long time, in the Instead, he stays true to the love of his life.

It is quite obvious that Reeves is lucky to be in a relationship with visual artist Alexandra Grant with whom the iconic actor smiles a lot more and seems absolutely happy. So far not everyone came in pleasure to see the beloved of the legendary man.

There were even comments like “Looks like a grandma”, “Why doesn’t she dye her hair?” , “What’s wrong with her?” “.

“They don’t look harmonious”, “How lucky”, “A gray mouse”.

Do you agree with the comments?

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