Dart is an amazing dog who has guarded his deceased master for about 5 days and is looking for a new place.

Dart is a wonderful dog who was given to his owner who died about five days ago and is looking for a new home.

Staff at the Kyiv Animal Welfare Center are concerned about the fate of Dart, one of a family of five dogs, and are trying to find him a forever home through social media.

They think he has never received this kind of attention from his owners before and they are looking for a place where he can feel safe and loved.

They sincerely hope that animals around the world will have a safe place to live.

The police notified animal control about the dog. Due to the owner’s persistent defense, federal agents were unable to enter the home where the man was allegedly killed.

It was discovered that the master had perished 5 days previously. The dog was grieved by the death and at first the dog was very scared, weak, unable to walk all the time and a bit fearful.

He is now in permanent care and awaiting new parents. Environmentalists want an honest and loving owner.

This dog is not only intelligent and loyal, but also a great protector. The dog is a friendly and exceptionally affectionate member of the family.

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