After being rescued by a loving elephant from the brink of death, she recovered and now follows her mother everywhere

After the female elephant in love saves the cub from the brink of death, she is cured and now follows her mother everywhere.

Some people interpret the term “pet” as dogs and cats, but also any other animal, including a wild animal. For an elephant, for example? Roxy Dunkwerts, a compassionate Zimbabwean woman, saved the elephant’s life by providing her with every comfort and shelter.

Moyo, the wild elephant, 15 months.

Roxy works as a nurse at the Wild Life facility, where she has rescued countless feral orphans over 20 years.Roxy and her team have rescued and cared for a wide variety of animals at their rehabilitation center, from large feral cats to birds singers and monkeys.

Moyo disappeared a few days ago when she was discovered by researchers. The life of the newborn animal was in danger and no one believed that she would survive. On the other hand, the helpless little creature was a fierce warrior.

Thanks to Roxy’s kind heart, effort and love, she overcame the challenges she faced and was completely healed, thanks to Roxy’s kind heart, effort and love, who did everything she could to change the life of this huge child.

Moyo is now in fantastic health and accompanies her beloved wherever she goes.

Every day, Moyo looks forward to her man spending time with her. No one understands why, but she remembers her own voice and smell, and she even knows where she is.

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