This is how celebrities looked in the 90s and now

Here at what popular celebrities looked like in their first roles and now

Now, we would like to share stock photos of famous and successful movie stars who were taken during their early roles in the movie industry. Let’s compare them with their current appearance. It is worth mentioning that time has power over absolutely everyone and no one can avoid the aging process over the years.

K. Reeves (34 year difference)

U. Thurman (in the 90s and now)

The photo on the left was taken in 1970 and the one on the right in 2020. Although 50 years have already passed, Schwarzenegger remains the same handsome man.

Foster’s very first role

H. Phoenix in 1995 and in 2021 when nominated for an Oscar

C. Diaz in 1994 and 2020

D. Lundgren in 1985 and today

Van Damme in 1991 and today

B. Pitt in the 1990s and this year

T. Cruise (40 year difference)

Depp in his very first role and now

Jolie is actually the same feminine and charming woman

Leo DiCaprio (45 years difference in these photos)

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