The vet saved a small animal, which changed his life forever

A veterinarian saves a small animal and changes his life forever. Italian Mauro Bacchetta has wanted to be a veterinarian since he was a child. Since then he thought he was a bad person, but it was the perfect job for him.

He did not earn enough money to survive and help his family members. This man felt bad about what had happened. He was left with himself when a helpless rabbit was brought to the clinic.

The man decides to fight for his life, even though he weighs only 25 grams and has nothing else to look at. Thus begins a deep bond between the human and the hedgehog, who need each other. The man seems to have escaped with the help of the animal.

He called her Nina. For weeks he provided her with food, care and entertainment.

He didn’t take his eyes off her for a moment. This kindness and devotion was truly a miracle.

Nina spent more and more time with him, becoming stronger and more attractive. He even took her to the beach to see the sea. She recognized Massimo’s voice as soon as she heard it and answered his questions.

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