Rescue team goes the extra mile to save kitten stuck in storm drain for 40 hours

Sometimes animals get trapped in very dangerous places and it takes kind and hardworking people to free them. That’s what happened recently when a team of rescuers rescued a kitten who had been stuck in a sewer pipe for 40 hours and helped find her mother.

Factory workers in Elkhart County, Indiana reportedly found a family of feral cats. But when they tried to save the mother and her kittens, one of them got scared and ran away. The kitten jumped into the gutter and got stuck in a drain pipe ten feet down. The gutter guard was broken.

The kitten slipped to the bottom and was too slippery to climb back up. When factory workers failed to retrieve the kitten, Catsnip Etc, a local cat rescue organization, was called in to help. The kittens cried in the tube for nearly 24 hours before calling us, McNeil said. We knew these four-week-old babies still needed their mom.

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However, the rescue proved difficult. They searched for eight hours, trying to lure the cat with food, but without success. The rescue team had no idea where the cat was hiding in the pipe and could not find it with a video camera.

Not all the tubes were big enough to hold someone and we needed a miracle, Mr McNeil said. Unfortunately, they had to leave the cat overnight, but returned the next day with other people, determined to finish the job. McNeil said they devised a plan to pour water down the pipe so they could follow the water’s path to the cat’s location. Amazingly, it worked and saved them a lot of time and effort.

He was not near the crash site at the time and we may never be able to find him, Ms McNeil said. But the hardest part now is getting the cat back, which requires a skinny man to crawl through the pipe. The shelter put out an appeal online and was lucky enough to find a volunteer called Ashley who was willing to do the job.

He entered the sewer pipe and slowly crawled along it, Ms McNeil said. He sank deeper into the pipe and disappeared into the darkness, and we never saw him again. It took half an hour, but Ashley managed to find the kitten and carry it out of the pipe. The kitten was covered in mud, frozen and dehydrated. Catnip and others took the kitten. After being trapped in the sewers for 40 hours, she needed a lot of care. She returned home straight after her rescue, dried off and warmed with a heating pad, the rescue agency wrote, sharing a photo of the kitten wrapped in a warm blanket.

But the most important thing is that the kitten was quickly reunited with its family. She ran straight to her mother and was thrilled. Despite all the challenges, this rescue team managed to save the cat’s life. It’s not often you win in a rescue. Today was a big day. I spent the afternoon feeling grateful and impressed by all the people who agreed to help us when we made the call. Thank you to each and every one of you who helped save this little life.

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