In a popular movie, an Alaskan man eats and tends to a large group of magnificent bald eagles

Popular film in which an Alaskan man feeds and takes care of a large flock of bald eagles. Considered one of the most important symbols of America, the majestic bald eagle is rarely seen. However, times change a bit when you choose to live among the largest flock of eagles on the planet.

With a population of just under 1.5 million, Alaska is home to over 500 magnificent great eagles. Dutch Harbor is one of the world’s leading fishing and shipping ports, so it makes sense that the birds come here to feed. The river is so rich in aquatic food that the boatmen always leave everything to the big birds.

One man, however, has become famous for his eagle feeding videos. Jesse Peck shared his shrimp with the birds gathered on his balcony. But when he started feeding those beautiful eagles, they flocked to him. The result was a beautiful sight for all bird lovers. Peck’s bowl of fried shrimp was quickly eaten by a flock of eagles that spread their wings, like in a thriving restaurant.

The man threw several pieces into the air at once, and a magnificent bird swooped down.

As the birds ate the prawns, Peck quickly grabbed his camera, proving that there are plenty of brave eagles in the harbor.

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