At 54, she gives birth to her own grandson and becomes Australia’s oldest surrogate

Maree Arnold lives in Australia. The 54-year-old had five children. And lately, she became a surrogate for her own daughter Meagan.

When Meagan was a teenager, she noticed something was wrong with her.

Her mother took her to the doctor, and after examinations it turned out that the girl’s uterus did not exist, and she could not have a child.

Fortunately, Meagan had ovaries that could give her the possibility of having a child with the help of a surrogate mother.

When the girl got married, the couple decided to have a genetic child. At first, for their baby, they chose a surrogate mother who lived in Canada.

The woman gave birth to a daughter, but she died when she was barely six months old.

It was a real disaster for the young woman. She thought she would never be able to have a baby.

And to keep her daughter happy, Maree decided to become a surrogate mother for her grandchild at all costs.

Thus, the woman became Australia’s oldest surrogate mother, carrying her own grandson.

Maree became pregnant after the fourth ordeal. She succeeded and was able to fulfill her daughter’s sacred desire.

The delivery happened by caesarean section and she gave birth to a boy.

Winston became the goal of his parents’ life and the happiness of the family.

“My dream came true, I am already a mother thanks to my lovely mother. It was true heroism on his part,” Meagan said.

She is infinitely grateful to her mother who made her so happy. She calls him as often as possible and we talk about their baby.

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