A seamstress wove her entire garden fence with lace and fishing nets

An elderly lady, living in Burra, Scotland, is Anne Eunson. She is a well-known seamstress and enjoys her profession. Even at her respectable age, she decided to perfect her craft.

The lady has heard that seamstresses in Scotland once wove a fence around a house. This fence was made with threads and needles.

Anne decided to wrap her garden in an enclosure with lace and fishing nets. The woman used the famous Shetland lace technique.

Chetland lace knits are very fine and very light. This species of lace is an inseparable part of Anglo-Saxon culture.

And it was no coincidence that Anne used this Anglo-Saxon way of weaving. For more than a decade, specialists have been trying to revive the good traditions of Chetland lace knitwear.

And Anne Eunson too has followed this good tradition by using her knowledge to knit an enclosure around her garden.

What she has accomplished is something exceptional and worthy of praise.

Aside from its creative and entertaining approach, it’s a spectacular sight.

Several cultural associations in Britain have contacted Anne Eunson to talk about her work experience and her fence which is woven from fishing net with lace.

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