A Child As Smart As Einstein: A 4-Year-Old Girl Is Considered The Youngest Genius In History

Nowadays, with the development of digital technology, the appearance of child prodigies is becoming frequent.

Alana George was born into a British family. Currently, the girl is 4 years old, and she is considered the youngest genius of our century.

She started to speak very fluently at the age of one year, because at 7 months she was already pronouncing words.

Alana’s parents say that from the age of two, their daughter was interested in letters and numbers.

They noticed that the world of numbers had a very important place in his life.

At three years old, the little girl read very easily and it was surprising, because she learned to read on her own, without any help.

The spouses turned to specialists to understand how developed the intellect of their daughter is.

Experts announced that the girl’s abilities are equal to those of 7-year-old children, and her IQ reaches 140 points.

The girl is one of the youngest members of the universal celebrity organization called “Mensa” who have a high IQ.

“Alana is too small, but she studies all the time. At first, when we learned that our daughter was a child prodigy, we were scared.

But over time, we realized that she is exceptional and extremely gifted, especially in mathematics,” explained Ms. Georges.

Currently, Alana is studying in a special school provided for very intelligent children.

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