To live together during the holidays, a group of friends built an ecovillage in the midst of nature

Friendship is a very exceptional phenomenon that can unite unknown people and make them close. True friends share their worries, their joys and their secrets.

There are tough friendships that can last until the end of life.

The heroes of our story, the four couples who hail from Austin, Texas, have forged such a friendship.

“For two decades, the spouses were inseparable. To live together during the holidays, they decided to build an ecovillage,” reports the Daily Mail.

After buying a piece of land surrounded by nature, to build chalets on the banks of the Llano river, they hired the well-known architect Matt Garcia.

The complex was made up of a few houses that were next to each other and this would allow them to meet as often as possible and live almost together.

This small village has been called ‘Bestie Row’.

This beautiful place would allow friends to enjoy life and holidays together and feel the harmony of nature.

The lodgings were built with ecological materials and each has a few rooms with all the comforts and shelves on the walls.

You can call these vacation cabins smart homes with sloping roofs to collect rainwater.

Friends have adopted a minimalist style, as it unites comfort and economy.

This village is also made up of common areas including a large house which allows people to meet for meals, to relax and spend pleasant moments together.

Couples all spend their vacations in Bestie Row, away from pollution and stress.

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