This dog is a hero mother who did not abandon her puppies despite dying of hunger and cold

Nadine found her in the street, very thin and in pain, with her five puppies. His heart broke from this moving sight. The woman took them home and adopted them. The adult dog was named Bella.

This purebred dog was kicked out when she was three years old while pregnant. Bella gave birth on the street, all alone, without any help.

She did not abandon her puppies. She was all exhausted, but did everything in her power to take care of her beloved puppies.

She had to feed them, keep them all safe and take care of them. The female dog always covered her puppies with her fur so that they did not catch cold.

She was very thin and the puppies sucked all the milk from her. So harassed, she herself needed to eat and be cared for. Being so tired, she might one day starve to death.

But he kept and cared for his healthy young for half a year. Bella would rather starve herself than let any of the puppies die. This dog can serve as an example for many human mothers who abandon their children.

And here is Nadine who found and protected her with her five puppies. First, she took them to a veterinarian for consultations. Then, she did everything necessary to heal them.

The woman has a big house. They are now safe and comfortable. Her neighbors often visit them and help Nadine look after the canine family.

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