The youngster is “protected” from her mother by the faithful Golden Retriever

Harry, a five-year-old golden retriever, became very protective when his owner, Ms Su, berated her baby girl for tearing up her newly purchased face cream, in a viral video.

A loyal dog became an internet sensation after he tried to guard his owner’s young daughter during an argument.

Harry the golden retriever is very protective of two-year-old Youyou and always stays by his side when they are home alone.

But he also comes to the rescue when Youyou’s mother scolds her.

In a video that has been shared over 59,000 times, the young girl uses her mother’s new face cream and rips open the packaging box.

Mom Ms. Sun looks around the coffee table and finds the cream smeared on Youyou’s robot toy.

As she points to her daughter, the pooch raises an angry face and growls at Ms. Sun, seemingly to protect the child from punishment.

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