The woman was expecting twins, but she gave birth to five babies and all healthy

There was an incredible event in the life of this woman. The ultrasound confirmed that she would have twins. But Maria, who lives in Norway, gave birth to quintuplets.

It was a big surprise for the whole family and for the doctors too.

Maria had even chosen names for twins, but the list of names must have grown. Two daughters and three sons: the boys were called Michel, Denis and David and the girls Nina and Dina.

The 37-year-old gave birth by caesarean section and all five babies were healthy.

“It was not a very difficult operation, but it was not easy to carry so many little ones for 32 months. They are in magnificent health and their weight is 1100 to 1800 grams,” said one of the doctors.

According to doctors, such a case in the country happened 10 years ago. They confirmed that it was very difficult to keep quintuplets without medical intervention and modern technology, because often it happens with the help of modern technology.

The mother and her babies were sent home as soon as the weight of the newborns exceeded two kilos.

Still, Maria’s case was a natural process. The woman thought her quintuplets were a gift from God.
“I was completely shocked, since I thought I would have twins. Never has there been a similar case in our family and in my husband’s family,” said Maria.

The couple also have a 3 year old daughter. It’s not easy to take care of so many children and bring them up.

But the couple was sure they would manage. The local authorities offered them a new apartment. And the inhabitants of the city also always lend a hand to this large family.

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