For the 1st time in fifty years, an ancient species of hissing and whining stray dog ​​has been found alive

An ancient species of hissing and howling stray dog ​​has been found alive for the first time in fifty years.

The list of susceptible organisms is growing, and some “extinct” species seem to have made a resurgence. This is the first time in 50 years that an ancient rare breed of dog has been discovered in the wild.

It took more than half a century for researchers to discover the guinea fowl, considered endangered. With only a few of these dogs in captivity, researchers were shocked to find them in some remote areas of Papua, Indonesia.

The unusual and melodious howl of these dogs, which are mostly associated with creatures, is very good.

In 2016, a family of 15 stray dogs was found near a mining operation during an investigation by the New Guinea Highland Stray Dog Organization.

A research team resurfaced several years ago to collect the genetic and geographic data of this unit in order to link it to the imprisoned howler dogs.

They share more than 70% genomic homology, suggesting that they are indeed members of a related family.

“They seem to be most closely related to a group in the breeding sciences, the New Guinea buzzards, which are descended from 8 dogs imported into the United States many years ago.”

Ncbi Database Co-Founder and Ncbi Database Professor Elaine O. spoke to CNN about it.

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