‘Doesn’t look like her mother at all’ Photos of Bellucci’s 17-year-old daughter sparked discussion

Teen Bellucci heiress’ new photoshoot has raised questions on the network

In 2004, Cassel and Bellucci had an angelically beautiful and absolutely adorable daughter and named her Deva. It’s no secret that the charming girl collaborates with world famous brands like Golce&Gabbana and has already achieved great success in modeling.

The teenager is constantly in the center of everyone’s attention, and the photo shoots that she periodically posts on her Instagram page immediately go viral on the Internet. People mostly discuss the similarity between mother and daughter. Many have come to the conclusion that she in fact inherited facial features from her father Vincent and has nothing in common with her mother.

Despite everything, Deva conquers the modeling world with her unearthly beauty, femininity and uniqueness. She certainly has “perfect” facial features and a stunning figure.

Do you think she looks like her mother?

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