A surprising story: the newborn kissed his mother right after birth

When a mother gives birth to her baby, her life changes completely.

The mother becomes responsible for the health of her child, for his behavior, for his future.

It is obvious that before the birth of a child, thoughts increase, but when the mother sees her baby and touches it for the first time, she forgets all the worries and sees life in pink.

This is a very moving story of a newborn baby and his mother who had just given birth.

These were very surprising and very heartwarming moments. The baby who had just been born was full of emotion and hug for his mother.

A few years ago these beautiful moments were captured by hospital staff.

But the video is still going viral thanks to the tender and sweet feelings it elicits.

The newborn hugged his mother very tightly and did not want to leave her. And those who were present at these incredible moments were amazed and filled with inexplicable feelings.

The video with these admirable moments was broadcast on TV.

“It was my daughter’s first hug. I was so happy and the staff was surprised.

These are unforgettable moments,” recalls the happy mother.

Her name is Agatha. She grew up and is already 3 years old.

Admire these sweet and fantastic moments!

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