The sweetest wild embrace between two unlikely friends

On the way to South Africa, Zahir Ali hit rock bottom one by one. The head of the young carpenter rhino Bull flashed, but with the camera finished, Ali saw nothing unusual that could be filmed. In a few minutes, everything changed. Most often they are surrounded by Black Hills and Black Hills. The bird eats the mites, carries the larvae on hard linoleum skin, leaving unnecessary pests for large animals. Lilies allow birds to live in safety and obtain more food, but the bond between them goes even deeper.

In Swahili it is called Aisa taluki or Kafu, which translates to bodyguard of the rhinoceros. A recent study found that even though the birds are only 8 inches long, they help protect their tall friends. Previously, scientists said that the oxytron vaccine was widely used in the equatorial region. Scientists approach oxygen and, having recognized people, find that the lilies are alert, emitting such a warning cry or a wavy parrot.

It is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to prevent the extinction of predators that hunt their horns. He said he saw ice cream and robots that day. This quail horn was really liked at her party because I saw it and it was something I had never seen before, Ali Zali told Safari Bro.

I grabbed my camera, waited for the right moment and snapped a photo as the bird lay on a single horn.

The interaction and communication of both parties facilitated the meeting with Yusufzai. Then he did well in the movie Simba.

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