The path of life from a humble background to world fame and how the singer is now

The name of the famous French singer Mireille Mathieu is known all over the world.

She was born into a modest family where there were 14 children.

Their wooden house had no comforts. They moved to another apartment when Mireille was 15.

At school, the girl did not shine with her student abilities, she was left-handed and wrote poorly.

She left school at 14 to go to work.

The girl knew that she was gifted with a wonderful voice and began her singing career, participating in various competitions.

It was impossible not to notice his talent, and Johnny Stark became his first producer.

Mireille Mathieu began to improve by working day and night.

The singer studied foreign languages ​​and developed her knowledge in different fields.

She changed completely and her appearance was also changed, especially her hairstyle and her clothes.

Finally, she was able to conquer the stages and the hearts of her admirers.

Mireille Mathieu adored the famous Edith Piaf and people compared her path with that of Piaf.

And to avoid repetition, she had to listen to the songs of her beloved singer as little as possible.

Having achieved success, the artist was able to realize her dream: she bought a car for her father and a house for her family.

During these years, the interpreter of the sweetest feelings has achieved masterpieces by singing more than 1000 songs in different languages.

Currently, the adorable variety singer is 76 years old. She continues to sing and amaze her admirers.

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