The great-great-great-grandmother celebrated her birthday in the circle of her wonderful family: she has 8 children and 92 grandchildren

Longevity allows people to see multiple descendants.

This woman, called Rose Sharp lives in England in the county of Kent.

Granny is the matriarch of a huge fantasy family that has seen the birth of a few generations.

She was never so happy as on her 100th birthday.

Rose is the creator of a large and loving family.

She gave birth to 8 children and the number of her grandchildren is 92.

That day, the whole family came to celebrate her wonderful grandma’s birthday.

Rose often tells that she herself was born in a large family where there were many children. But it was not she who was now alive.

She married William Rose when she was 20. He had his great and only love. The couple lived a happy life together for 36 years.

They had six boys and two girls. The eldest is Carol Jasper, who is currently 78 years old.

Carol herself had six children and one of her daughters also had six children.

It had been a long time since Rose had met some of her grandchildren.

The celebration of its centenary was a great opportunity for the whole family to come together in this warm home.

Grandma has a very good memory. She remembers the names of all her descendants.

On her birthday, Rose first met her great-great-great-granddaughter Amélia who was recently born and loved her very much.

It was a wonderful day for the centenarian woman and for the whole family who gathered to

honor Grandmother’s Day and everyone felt the warmth of the wonderful home and the love of loved ones.

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