Loyal dog rushes into ambulance to accompany sick owner to hospital, insisting to be taken with them too

The inhabitants of Lusitania have transformed the largest Christmas tree in the city into a shelter for kittens. When city planners create the original Christmas tree design for 2022, they may confuse kittens permanently staying in a new field. Since then, more than 20 years have passed and the small village of Lucia has learned a different way of life.

There is a Christmas tree in the historic center, but it is decorated in an unconventional way. Instead of traditional lamps and spheres, they were decorated with miniature wooden houses with windows and doors, which playfully painted them.

However, no one expected the metropolitan cat team to organize their physical home into token apartments. Street robbers, distinguished by stripes, wholeheartedly approved of the idea of ​​building huge hangholes for them in the metropolitan area. In fact, people may have given the Cat 1 position in another country.

Lucy’s main square is traditionally a cat house. Here they are fed, massaged and registered. Then, instead of ordinary cats, people brought Christmas tree frames to the fields. Residents of the comet, in turn, did not get angry.

They came to the conclusion that it was just a gift from the local people. This tree was built to remind us of the difficult times in the world. During this time, the inhabitants of the wolf caught it and turned it into their own little amusement park, where bilateral neighbors are happy. This is a sign of hope, he said.

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