Couple married for 70 years reunite after months apart: They can’t hold back their tears

The Willards have been married for 70 years. 89-year-old Jeanne Willard and her 91-year-old husband Walter Willard have been inseparable for all these years.

Learning about their wonderful story, people admire their true love.

Their file said that, despite her parents’ age, the couple was always in good health and never sick.

In 2020, when covid spread around the world, the spouses had to separate due to confinement.
But before the virus could catch the world, Jeanne fell and broke her pelvis.

She was transferred to the hospital. Then they put her in a nursing home which was a very close distance from their home.

Besides, Walter could visit him easily.

But in 2020, when the pandemic started, because of the restrictions, visits were prohibited.

And finally, when everything passed, the elderly spouses met again, kissing and cuddling.

Staff members at the nursing home captured the wondrous footage of the duo kissing each other on the lips while whispering words of love.

After months apart, the couple were back together.

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