A dog rips the tail off each of his toy pigs

They had no idea how much Diesel would adore the adorable little stuffed piggy when Diesel’s parents first brought him home. He didn’t play with anything else for two days and his parents suggested he would eventually be destroyed, like all his other toys.

Eventually, one day, they discovered the stuffing everywhere, but were perplexed to find that something was different from the previous discovery.

Diesel just ripped off the stuffed pigtail — and that was it. Otherwise, the pig was fine. Diesel’s parents bought him another pig and two days later the same thing happened again.

That was two years ago, and since then Diesel has only ripped off the tails of dozens of toy pigs, and his parents have no idea why.

Tim Eberts, Diesel’s father, said: “At first I thought it was for the squeaker, but we found the squeakers were intact nonetheless.” Since then we have continued to buy more pigs from him because he seems to love them. He played with them for about two days, concentrating on the underside, until one day he decided to just rip the tail off and remove all the stuffing.

Diesel’s parents started photographing him with all his piggies because he looks so pleased with himself every time he pulls off another cock, like that’s exactly what he’s supposed to do .

And sometimes he photographs the funniest smile on his face to show how proud he is.

“He never behaves in a guilty way,” Eberts said.

Diesel enjoys posing with his collection of tailless pigs, but for some reason he won’t play with them again once they’re gone.

“Once the loot is gone and the stuffing is pulled off, pigs are no longer of interest to him,” Eberts said.

Instead, her parents just keep giving her money to buy new pigs, which keeps the cycle going.

Diesel’s parents may never understand why he enjoys ripping off his pigs’ tails so much, but because it makes him happy, they refused to try to understand and keep buying new pigs.

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