The secret clouded leopard, rarely seen by humans, was filmed in Nagaland.

Nagaland is home to the Stone Panther, a rarely seen mystical animal.

A mysterious, rarely seen mud panther has been filmed in Nagaland.

This spectacular creature, not usually seen, was successfully filmed on the India-Myanmar border.

Scientists have found that the Red Book Panther, an endangered species, may be found in the vicinity. The crew filmed the majestic hooded panther wandering the mountains.

The wildcat was spotted in a park in the mountainous region of Nagaland.

The animal was sighted at an altitude of 3700 meters, probably one of the highest places where jaguars have been spotted.

It is a medium-sized wild animal on the Red Book’s endangered species list.

They are difficult for humans to spot as they usually move through trees.

More than 50 camera traps have been installed in the area.

The first was taken in 2020 and the second in September 2021.

There is evidence of “at least two adults and two minors”. The individual specimens were photographed with a camera set up on a row of trees at the top of Mount Salamao, 3,700 meters above sea level. The second creature was photographed at an altitude of 3,437 meters.

All the information gathered by the researchers will help local authorities develop new ways to protect these forests and the people who live there.

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