The dogs protected their elderly, sick and blind owner who slept by the river

Dogs are intelligent and very loyal animals. They are some of the most amazing creatures on the planet and there are thousands of stories of dogs showing their gratitude and love to their owners.

Scientists very often want to clarify the source of their loyalty.

Before, when the dogs were not yet domestic, they lived like their ancestors, the wolves, in packs.

The strongest wolves protect the cubs, females, and weakest of their pack. Thus, dogs have an instinct to protect his own.

And if the dogs are fed, petted, they do not treat the man for a threat, but someone like them.

On the other hand, these animals see man as an important source of the food and shelter necessary for their life.

In some cultures, dogs are treated as spiritual guardians, and they build shrines and statues for them as proof of their loyalty.

This story took place in a country in South Asia. An old blind woman slept on the banks of the muddy and wet river and her two dogs never left her side, watching her for hours.

A photographer noticed this scene watching them from afar and took pictures.

He installed his photos on social networks.

People praised the dedication of the dogs who didn’t want to give up on their owners.

The city authorities also learned of this story and immediately gave their support to the poor woman and her dogs.

The woman and dog were treated at a local hospital.

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