Thanks to dolphins, a woman who was pushed back by the current and left in the ocean has finally been found

Thanks to the dolphins, a woman who had been swept away and stranded in the sea has finally been found. The woman had been swimming in 18 degree Celsius water for nearly 12 hours. She managed to stay alive after being attacked by the dolphin. University professor Khosrow Khosravani had just obtained his boating licence.

That day, he and some friends from Marina del Rey went boating at Paradise Beach. He observed a pod of dolphins swimming somewhere and was seen swimming in the open sea.

Approaching, Cozzello saw a woman’s feet in the water. Kozlow recalls: If not for those animals, we wouldn’t have seen this woman with a few hours to live. The man taught his friends a pre-flight safety lesson.

I told them that these talents are rarely used in real life, but must be learned. And everyone should remember what I told them half an hour later, Khosrow said. The naked woman was exhausted.

She was so exhausted and stiff that she couldn’t breathe or move. A warm blanket was wrapped around the woman. Khosrow also contacted the authorities.

Within seven minutes, a team arrived and brought the woman to shore. She was apparently trapped in the water.

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