She bought an old broken down bus for a penny. And made it a royal mansion!

Many of us like to travel the world, but for that we need a home. The main character of this story decided not to compromise, in his dream house he combined his love of travel and the need for home comfort.

Moreover, instead of buying a ready-made house, Jesse Lipskin decided to create it. On one of the websites, the girl saw a 1966 GMC bus for only pennies and immediately bought it. Jesse spent the next few years turning his purchase into the perfect garage.

That’s how it all started.

Inside, the situation was no better…

But in fact, the bus turned out quite loud. Just needed to tighten it up a bit…

In addition, all surfaces were covered with natural wood. the walls were plywood and the ceiling was coffered. The furniture also had to be prepared independently, because in such an atypical apartment an individual approach to everything is necessary. The floor was decorated with parquet.

After that, the appearance of the bus was also updated. Cracked paintwork with traces of rust is now a thing of the past.

White suits him…

And here’s what the end result looks like inside.

It’s all there, and even more. First and perhaps most important, a large comfortable bed…

Every inch of such space is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, there is a suitable space under the bed for storing all sorts of things.

A library is not only a great entertainment, but also a home decoration.

Well, where without a wardrobe?

Every housewife will envy such a kitchen. You can’t tell right away that it’s a house on wheels.

The unusually shaped refrigerator deserves special attention. Stable and practical, as an additional working area is formed above.

Well, where without a bathroom? Yes, it was not possible to install a full bathroom here, but there is a shower, a sink and a huge mirror.

Now you can safely head for the most beautiful sunsets.

More details on this magnificent dream house in the video below.

Despite the difficulties, Jesse managed to achieve his dream, and it cost him $70,000. To put it mildly, it’s a modest amount, but looking at the end result, you know it was worth every penny.

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