Oh, This German Dog Acts Like A Mother To Various Other Orphaned Animals

We can be shocked, amazed and truly touched when we see how animals treat each other and how caring, understanding and loving they can be. Even sometimes it would be so good if people learned something from them and became nicer.

They always share their love and emotions and comfort each other, they share their love not only with people, but also with other animals. We are going to tell the story of a Serje who is a kind dog and loves to take care of other animals without a home or mother or other supports.

This dog’s mom is also a kind-hearted woman who decided to take on new pets that had no place to stay. The dog was kind to all the adopted creatures, but especially to the fawn named Buchet.

He became the animal’s protector and began to be an adoptive mother for this fawn. They always take care of each other and are very friendly and caring, they are together wherever they go, they are inseparable.

When the animal started to grow and try to go somewhere, the dog was always trying to keep the fawn close and keep the bond, not leaving it alone. But after a while, he was surely forced to leave him alone in nature.

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