A generous woman rescued two aged horses that were left to the whims of fate, and gave them a second chance at life.

When a generous woman rescued two old horses and gave them a second chance at life, they were left alone.

For those in need, a small act of kindness can mean the difference between life and death.

This is the case of Arthur, who was saved at the right time.

His fate was left to the whims of a strict master. As a result, Arthur was tossed around from supplier to supplier. His only comfort was his friend Max, who was in the same situation as him. It was a little easier for him to fight for his life when he was with him.

One day, kind Cindy Daiger found the ugly creature in her living room. Arthur and Max were scared, weak and confused after months of suffering, but as soon as they arrived at the shelter, their lives were transformed.

They seemed to be improving day by day. Cindy went the extra mile to help them become independent. Arthur and Max have fully recovered, thanks to 20 years of work from Cindy.

The two horses comforted and took care of each other. Eventually, the couple overcame their grief and began to live peaceful and happy lives.

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