A baby polar bear’s affection for the polar workers who saved his life

Polar workers rescuing a polar bear cub. Even for one of the most powerful and magnificent predators, surviving as an orphan in the forest can be very difficult. An arctic polar bear cub who lost his mother is in trouble! The cute and charming little ones rely on their mother for food and protection until they reach a sufficient age.

Orphaned at the age of one month, the destiny of the little one seems to have been fixed. Luckily, he was able to get help from a stranger’s perspective. At this stage in their lives, polar bear cubs are desperate to survive. This little girl arrives, exhausted and disoriented, in a group that mines expensive metals in the Arctic, in search of food.

This adorable teddy bear is alone in the Bolshevik region of the Arctic. He was attracted by the smell of food emanating from a group operating a mining business on the island. As it is forbidden to feed the polar bears, the staff ignored the rules and rescued the starving polar bear.

The adorable animal stayed with rescuers for several weeks. He even snuggled up to them and stayed by their side.

However, the gold diggers were forced off the island when their contract ended, again leaving the polar bear behind. But they are always ready to do whatever it takes to save these poor creatures.

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