Video: The Incredible Survival Story of a Man Saved by a Dog

The dog is man’s best friend. It is a loyal animal who feels deeply responsible for the owner and is ready to do anything to save him in case of trouble. The story described in the video below is not the funniest, but it teaches us a lot of things like friendship, dedication, the ability to not give up even in the most difficult situations and to believe in the best.

The story took place in 2006. A young woman named Daniel Bellengi was a champion runner and every morning she went out for a run to stay in shape. She was accompanied by a faithful dog named tez, whom she once took from the orphanage and never parted with him again. Tez was a cross between a dog and an Australian Shepherd Dog, a sheepdog, and that’s why he has a love for long walks and running long distances in his blood. One of Daniel’s routes was a trail through a Canyon in the Moab, Utah desert. Such a run took 1.5 hours and passed through a secluded and quiet place with hills and mountains.

One day, Daniel and tez arrived at the Canyon, left the car and phone in the parking lot, grabbed only a bottle of water, energy bars, and ibuprofen pills, and ran down the trail. When the girl started to climb the mountain an hour after the start of training, she slipped and slid to the bottom of the hill. The woman hit stones several times and could not move her legs. As will be revealed later, Daniel suffered severe broken bones and internal injuries. But she was alone, madly frightened. Only tez fidgeted aside, not knowing how to help the hostess.

The girl spent more than 50 hours in the desert. She tried not to think about the pain, drank from a small spring and rejoiced when the dog warmed her on cold nights. In the afternoon, tez ran away somewhere: it turned out that the faithful dog traveled several kilometers to get back on the road and call people for help, but cars passed by. At this time, neighbor Daniel noticed that the girl had been away for a long time and began to sound the alarm. After calling rescuers, the athlete was declared missing. Luckily, near a trail in the Canyon, one of the officers found the girl’s parked car and led the search party along the trail.

When rescuers were ready to leave, they ran to meet the cheerful tez and lead people straight to her injured mistress. The story ended well and Daniel was able to get back on his feet after some time in treatment. By her example, the girl inspired people with the fact that even in the worst misfortunes you cannot give up. In addition, she was infinitely grateful to her faithful friend Thés.

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