Narnia, a cat that has 2 different colors on its face, gives birth to kittens of each of its colors.

Narnia the cat with two different face colors produces kittens of each color.

The cat’s name is Narina, and her appearance has attracted worldwide attention. Its unique appearance has touched the hearts of many people. His face is divided into two parts: gray and black.

According to Narnia owner Stephanie, who was born in Paris and now lives in the UK, she knew from birth that he was unique. He has now grown into a beautiful two-faced cat, a true symbol of loyalty, and it’s time for him to become a father.

He is now the father of two children. What’s even more exciting is that he’s outdone his father figure. With gray hair on one side and black hair on the other, the man fathered many children, each with a different hair color. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, Narnia suffers from a genetic disease called chimerism.

The owner, Stephanie, explained that DNA testing showed that was not the case and that there was only one strand of DNA. The kitten is truly a magician.

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