Man rescued baby cub, baby now lives with him on farm

One day an unexpected guest came to the village of Borisovsky District in Belarus. But his appearance, the villagers were not afraid. After all, the brown bear was very small.

Nikolai terletsky, who owns a farm in this village, decided to take the baby bear for himself. It was a girl. Nicholas called her Vasilisa.

In Belarus, it is forbidden to keep animals listed in the Red Book at home. Therefore, together with the animal, terletsky addressed various instances. There, the farmer was informed that the wild beast was to be released into the forest. Well, or euthanize.

Nikolai understood that Vasilisa would not survive alone. She is too small to feed herself. On the second option, that is to say euthanasia, the man did not want to hear. It was too bad for the crumb.

Then terletsky began calling zoos in the hope of attaching the animal there. But we explained to him that they didn’t take such little animals.

After this failure, Nikolai decided to find Vasilisa’s mother. To do this, together with his friends, he traveled to the nearest forest. But the adult bear could never be found.

In the end, terletsky managed to get permits that he has the right to keep a wild animal on his farm. So now the baby is safe. She has her own house — aviary, which was built by Nicholas.

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