After slipping on snow, breaking his neck and being left out in the cold at night, a Golden Retriever saves his owner’s life.

A golden retriever who slipped in the snow and broke his neck was left out in the cold that night, saving his owner’s life.

Bob, a single man, started the new year alone. He was accompanied by Kelsey, a very intelligent and affectionate dog.

He ran out into the street, wearing only a shirt and slippers, to pick up another package from the garden.

The man did not realize that the night was cold. There was a film of ice on the surface.

Bob slipped and fell, injuring a vertebra in his neck. He suffered a spinal cord injury and was paralyzed, unable to stand up or use his limbs. Kelsey heard him scream and ran out of the house.

The dog continued to warn his master by licking his face and hands and using his body to keep him from freezing further.

At the same time, the dog joined in the cries for help and barked furiously. However, Bob’s house was on the side of the road and for the next 20 hours no one heard his voice.

Bob lost consciousness, but the dog kept barking and kept Bob warm with his fur.

Finally, after almost a day, a neighbor heard him and sent an ambulance for the disabled man.

The client was taken to hospital, had surgery, and the next day Bob was able to move his arms and legs.

Doctors were amazed that he did not freeze to death, despite having slept for 20 hours in snow and bad weather.

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