A mother leopard teaches her cubs to cross the road.

Few can imagine the adventures of travel.

However, this is totally admissible when you are in South Africa and you cross the road in the park area, which is one of the most dangerous and beautiful areas in the country, with many wild animals .

Residents and visitors can spot tigers, lions, leopards, rhinos, and other animals along the park’s wide roads.

The parents finally had the wonderful opportunity to witness such a spectacle on this road.

That day, as he waited for the leopards to leave the tent, Father Tinus Delport jokingly asked the children to come over and whistle loudly so the animals could hear them. Then, to their surprise, they discovered a wonderful sight right next to them.

First they noticed that the road was narrowing and that was due to the leopard pattern herds.

The mother leopard had to turn back because her cubs didn’t want to follow her. Apparently, she whispered in the little girl’s ear, “Don’t be afraid, follow me”. The little one was tired and weak, but he decided to follow his mother, always ready to help him, across the road and into the bush. The beautiful cat and her babies crossed the road safely. The Delport sisters were able to take amazing photos of these mystical animals.

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