This dog was tied to a post but the policewoman came to the rescue and freed him

There was a homeless dog roaming the city streets. The locals knew him well. His name was Bijou.

Once the dog was tied to a post in the street. A man called the police and policewoman Louise Martin arrived to save the poor animal.

She looked around and saw the dog tied up. The dog was in pain and couldn’t move at all. When the policewoman approached Bijou, the dog gave her his paw.

He asked for help and understood that his savior had arrived. It was a very moving sight. The dog was so thin he was just skin and bones. It was obvious that he had a cruel life.

Louise reached out her hand and gently detached him from the post, freeing him completely. The animal was seriously injured and now needed special care.

The policewoman took Bijou to an emergency animal clinic.

The vet did everything necessary to save the dog.

Jojo stayed there for a few days. He received a special diet to recover quickly.

After recovery, Louise Martin wanted to place him in a dog shelter, but it was overcrowded. What to do ?

Despite her profession, Louise had a very tender heart. She decided to adopt the dog.

From now on, the girl had a faithful friend, and the dog lived a happy life.

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