The mother’s funny dance at her son’s wedding caused a stir on the web.

No wedding is complete without an enthusiastic dance. And literally everyone is dancing – the bride and groom, their families and their guests. In this wedding, the groom and his equally energetic mother perform an incredibly enthusiastic dance.

The work on which the boy and his mother are working together is both touching and funny. The groom could have hired someone else to prepare the dance number, such as a slightly plastic friend or a guest professional dancer. However, he decided to trust his mother to participate in the dance. It certainly didn’t go badly. The dancers seemed to be having a lot of fun and the audience enjoyed watching them.

The dancing was very fresh and lively. And while the mother’s movements were imperfect, they were the highlight of the act. The good humor and positive attitude of the dancers more than made up for any small weaknesses or mistakes that no one noticed. Anne seems to like her work and invests herself body and soul in it. She captivated the audience with her energy and charisma. Everyone was in a good mood.

The groom was very lucky to have such a mother. She actively participated in the conduct of the wedding and was ready to dance in front of everyone. And the bride can consider herself very lucky. Because not everyone has such a wonderful mother-in-law.

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