The husky took the woman to the forest: what the dog pulled out of the box in the bushes made her cry

This thirty-year-old woman, named Maggie, lives in California in a house near the woods. Although Maggie is disabled, she has three children.

The woman’s life is not easy with her disability. You have to do the housework and take care of the children.

But it wasn’t just the kids helping out their mom, but also their pet, the adorable husky dog ​​named Molly.

He is a very wise and very devoted dog who is always attentive to his owners.

One day, Molly went away for a while.

When he returned, Maggie noticed that the dog’s behavior was unusual. The pooch was worried and distracted.

The next day he left and after a short time he came back and started barking and wanted Maggie to follow him.

The dog took his mistress to the woods and in the bushes the woman saw a box full of newborn kittens. They were seven, orphans and helpless.

Maggie was very moved and took pity on the little felines and took them home.

Of course, it was quite difficult to take care of so many kittens, especially for a disabled woman like Maggie.

But she was not alone, the family began to help her, especially Molly, who helped her however he could.

The doggie has become a real nanny. And everyone admired the magnificent behavior of the dog.

The whole family was happy and joyful!

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