Meet the Adorable Kitten Chata Who’s Going Viral on the Internet for Her Extraordinary Sleep

This adorable fluffy is called Chata. He is a kitten of the Munchkin breed. Usually, cats of the Munchkin breed are very fascinating and especially Chata who is a fantastic kitten.

But Chata is not just a charming kitten. He is an unordinary creature. This fluffy ball has amazing habits.

Chata likes to sleep lying on his back and at such times he looks like a human. It’s very funny to see Chata sleeping.

In this position, he still looks like a dog from the cartoon Snoopy.

The kitten is crisp in all positions. No one can remain indifferent to its sweetness.

Her adoptive parents are sharing gorgeous photos on their Instagram page which is called chavata2023 and people are marveling at the beauty of the kitten.

Subscribers especially admire the big eyes of this little kitty.

When the adorable baby is asleep straight as a planchette, it looks like he’s doing this on purpose, to make his owners laugh.

In fact, Chata falls into a deep sleep and lacks a blanket for the effect to be stronger.

You can constantly caress this cute kitten who touches by his soft appearance, rub his fluffy belly, hear his purr caressing the hearing.

Chata has a sister as beautiful as him, but she sleeps like an ordinary kitten. Her name is Chava and they love to cuddle and play together.

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