Kira, a wolf who was rescued by a handsome human, is now living her best life.

Kira, the wolf rescued by a handsome man, is now living her best life
It is unlikely that you have dreamed that wild creatures can peacefully coexist with humans. They are even able to show warmth and respect for you! This is the biography of Kira, a wolf abandoned by her mother, but she is living her best life now! Her human mother and brother live with her.

Kira’s birth mother was also living with her family, but that family soon kicked her out and sent her to the orphanage. Kira was born in an orphanage, just like her brothers. Unfortunately, their experienced mother abandoned them all.

Fortunately, a woman named Alida came to the shelter and, seeing the wolf, decided to give her the best life possible! She decided to make sure she was comfortable and protected!

It was extremely dangerous to let her into the forest, because she could not feed herself. When the wolf was ready to be adopted, the lady took her. She gave her milk because her mother left her three days after birth.

Mom had no problem raising him because she

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