Adorable kittens of a rare breed are very similar to sheep. And I want to caress!

These little cats are like sheep with curly fur. They are Selkirk Rex breeds.

Only a few years ago, breeders stopped introducing feces from animals of other breeds to produce curly feces. Now Selkirk is a self-contained group and the ringlet gene is passed down from both parents to their children.

The story began when an American Jerry Newman; who was engaged in breeding purebred cats-persian; noticed a small kitten whose breed was not known

The unusual mutation in the kitten, his mustache and long coat near the ears had congenital folds resembling doodle curls. Jerry called the cat Miss de Pesto and subsequently crossed her with one of his “Persians”. Switzerland’s Eleonora Muccio saw Selkirk for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show.

The breed adapts perfectly to an urban environment. Cats are very friendly and playful. However, unlike their parents, the short-haired British, they do not tolerate loneliness well.

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