actress Angelina Jolie, who recently lost a lot of weight, was caught in Rome, Italy

Actress and director Jolie’s old hands betray her true age

It goes without saying that the famous actress and talented film director will never be able to escape the attention of journalists and paparazzi who will not miss a single opportunity to catch fame. Recently, the gorgeous woman visited her beloved Italy and met paparazzi who managed to capture the star.

Jolie appeared in a full-length gray dress with a fashionable coat. The majority of her fans were simply enchanted by the dazzling and attractive figure of the famous woman, while some felt that she had an unhealthy thinness that absolutely needed to be corrected.

Much attention was paid to the 46-year-old actress’ hands, which were wrinkled and looked like granny’s hands. It could have been caused by his extreme thinness or his genes.

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