This little girl has been winning beauty contests since the age of one. She is now 15 and here is how she has changed.

Eden Wood is well known in the United States. She participated in miss contests from an early age. She took the Miss at the age of one year! She is a good example.

She participated in beauty pageants as a child. She was voted the most beautiful girl in the country. The spotlight, the parades, the contests, the fabulous costumes, the make-up and the styling – that’s her whole life.

She is asked to act in films, she regularly makes television appearances and interviews. Eden’s childhood was unusual: games in the garden, friends, swings, bicycles and roller skates.

Growing up, she never had a chance to make friends, and she only had friends.

Until the age of six, her days were strictly planned.

She had breakfast in the morning, then beauty treatments, solarium and even choreography performances. The rehearsals, the training sessions, the photo shoots and the show kept her spellbound. Her hair was always neatly styled, manicured and made up.

At the age of six, she stopped participating in beauty contests. She now intends to become a star.

Eden is now 14 years old. She records her first album.

Eden’s mother continues to mentor and support her in her new career.

In the fall of 2018, she participated in New York Fashion Week.


In five years of career, Eden has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars. He contributed for himself and his family.

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