The Italian showed the carefree life of his cats, now cats all over the world envy them

If there is feline happiness, it looks exactly like the photos of Alessandra from Liguria, who has no soul in her pets. These are the images with their participation that the photographer broadcasts on social networks.

Apparently just another well-groomed cat in beautiful pictures, but this one got a lot of media attention. What?

Grosso is the decoration of the most beautiful region of Italy — Liguria. Despite the fact that it is very hot on the street, the mistress of the cat did not start cutting, which would not deprive it of its natural beauty.

Alessandra’s cats are regular participants in all kinds of shows. But fat was lucky, no one pulls him, he does not go to the exhibition, but just eats belly, rests and, of course, is photographed.

Seals are very friendly and find a common language with other cats, dogs, they get along well with children. And also successfully climb trees, and are quite smart, just show once what is possible and what cannot and they will obey. Surely, if a strong and confident cat wants to break the ban, who will stop him?

As the hostess herself says, her pets do not feel like cats and pets. They are the full co-owners of the house, whose opinion is taken into account and whose wishes must be fulfilled.

So that it is good for the cat and then it will be good for everyone, and not the other way around.

If necessary – obedient like a dog, no problems, leprosy and feline revenge jealousy attacks. For this, cats received a calm, happy and harmonious life.

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