For 38 years, the woman hid the fact that she could hardly see anything. During this time she received an education, gave birth to children and wrote a book.

It is very difficult for ordinary healthy people to understand what blind people feel. Can you imagine a situation where relatives and others do not even suspect that the person next to you does not see anything for many years in a row?

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Today at we are going to tell you the story of British woman Zena Cooper, who for 38 consecutive years did not admit to anyone that she was practically blind, but despite everything, she managed to accomplish many things.

When Xena was still young, she was diagnosed with Morfan Syndrome. This pathology affects different organs, but the most important and negative impact concerns vision.

The girl was prescribed glasses with very thick lenses. But at school he started having problems with his classmates, they started teasing and making fun of him. Therefore, even then he decided to take off his glasses and not tell anyone that he could not see well. And at first he didn’t even understand that he was different from other kids, he thought everyone was seeing the same blurry picture.

Over the years, Xena’s sight has deteriorated. But despite this, he did not drop out of school, but even began to train, he simply increased the computer police tenfold. Later, she got a job as a nurse in a mental hospital, but her eyesight deteriorated further and she had to quit. Xena later earns a Master of Arts and begins working as a school counselor.

Xena got married and had four children and still hadn’t told anyone that she was nearly blind. She took care of her children easily and was even able to take care of them on her own. As he says his other feelings intensified, he could even tell when children are sick by the smell of their skin.

When Xena turned 42, however, she admitted her blindness. It turned out that no one even suspected it. He became the author of the book “What You See When You Can’t See” – it was a real revelation for his relatives.

Today, Xena continues to lead an active life and work, although she is now accompanied everywhere by a guide dog.

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