A brave Husky dog ​​finds a crate full of kittens and saves their lives.

Banner is one of the most lovable guide dogs you will ever meet. A Husky named Banner who learned to help Whitney since he was a puppy.

This animal also likes to help other creatures. It can also predict bouts of anxiety, migraines, and a variety of other things. They both love animal rescue. The husky likes to rescue kittens. She recently saved the cat’s life and this cat has been living with them ever since.

The dog discovered seven baby birds in a box, all under a year old. They were thrown into the forest. She informed Whitney of the situation and escorted her to the club. The kittens were both hungry and cold. Banner is very sensitive, and it is thanks to her that they will be saved.

She tore the package open and began to grab each kitten with her teeth. She played a vital role in saving their lives! It looks like they were left to perish… It’s sad to see people abusing small animals in such a horrible way.

Banner has been with the kittens since the day she found them. She took on the role of their young mother. The owner plans to continue sponsoring the animals until they find their homes. It’s wonderful to be able to save animals.

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