76-year-old Armenian-American singer Cher was recently caught without a bra and a gram of makeup

This is what well-known singer Cher looks like without makeup at her 76

According to network users, the iconic 76-year-old Armenian-American performer successfully maintained her extraordinarily beauty and grace. Recently, the paparazzi managed to capture the world famous star during her vacation.

In the following photos Cher is without a gram of makeup and even without underwear. “This woman has always looked stunning, no surprise she is getting older beautifully”, “Come on, she has undergone many operations”, “If I had this much money, I would have looked this way too”, “Money does everything”.

“Looks plain without makeup”, “Aged look”, “Don’t exaggerate, she looks her age”.

“Quite a well-groomed woman”, “She is hard to be called a grandma”.

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