What’s Going On Between Kardashian’s Ex-Husband And Russian Model Shayk Right Now

This is what relationship Kardashian and Irina Shayk’s ex-husband are in

Recently, rumors claiming that the ex-husband of world celebrity Shayk started dating immediately after his divorce from Kim.

However, this information has not been officially confirmed and it actually seems that they are just friends.

Close friends of Kardashian recently shared that the man suggested the model go to Paris for a fashion show when the latter was strongly rejected.

Probably, Shayk is not really interested in him and does not want to get involved in a romantic relationship with the rapper. She hates all the rumors circulating on the network.

It is noteworthy that the couple have known each other for about a decade, and Irina took part in one of their clips. Also, a few years ago, the model presented the rapper’s new clothing collection.

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