This Couple’s Touching Story Will Make Everyone Believe In True Love

We often hear about love stories in books and movies, but we completely forget that in real life it also exists.

In 2011, 33-year-old Turia Pitt took part in the 100 km race as a model. But at some point a terrible fire broke out and many people literally locked themselves in the middle of the fire. The girl survived despite the fact that 65% of her body was burned.

She lost several fingers on her hands and was forever disfigured by terrible burns. So imagine the great stress that Turia underwent. She admits that she did not understand at all why she survived and how to live in this body then! But now she’s the inspiration and motivation for millions of women who can’t come to terms with their looks.

During this terrible period, her devoted friend Michael Hoskin was at her side. He helped and supported her on a difficult road to rehabilitation.

A romantic relationship began between the young people, and they soon got married. And in 2017, the couple had a son.

According to Michael, his wife is a very beautiful and wonderful person to him, only her skin has changed.

That’s what true love means!

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