These are stock photos of Markle that recently surfaced on the web

Archive photos of charming Meghan Markle thrilled the network

Several years ago, Markle was G. Roth’s bridesmaid and recently, the woman’s archive photos taken at the wedding were shared on the network.

The admirable photos had been posted on her networking pages, while after marrying Prince Harry she decided to delete them all.

In the following photo, Meghan was in a stunning outfit captured in a luxury hotel, in the United States. The elegant full-length dress emphasized the lady’s charming figure. What is more interesting is that the lady was holding a bouquet in her hand.

It should be noted that Roth and Markle have known each other for 20 years already. They attended the same university and always supported and defended each other.

For Meghan, it was, in fact, the second marriage. For a relatively long time, the woman was in a relationship with a director Engelson.

How did you find her bridesmaid look?

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